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Jean Shenk was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome at age 8. She almost died from Aortic Dissection in her early 20's. Learn from her inspiring story! SHARE her story and save a life!

Published Aug 4, 2016 (c) All rights reserved.

2016 Aortic Warriors Global Walk


Surviving Aortic Dissection EVEN If You Have Marfan Syndrome - 32:30 min

Story Two: Live Your Gift! with Patty Peterson - 31:00 min

Jazz/R&B vocalist, Patty Peterson, survived Aortic DIssection since 2007. In this interview with Aortic Warriors Founder, Dr Peter Tsai, Patty shares openly and candidly about her story of what happened that day, the challenges she faced, and how she made her comeback to music and performance.

Published Feb 22, 2016 (c) All rights reserved.

Story One: It's Not The Heart, It's The AORTA! - 41:35 min




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