-   Aortic Awareness Starter Kit

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The A.S.K. - Aortic Awareness Starter Kit can be yours. Be a part of the ever growing community that saves lives and builds global awareness.

US - Color and Size

Thank you everyone for changing the world and spreading global awareness of the AORTA.
And remember,

INTL - Color and Size


You survived, you supported​, you beat the odds, and now you joined the ranks of Aortic Warriors. Now what is there to do? I'm glad you ASKed...we have just the thing for you. Here at Aortic Warriors, we strive to create global awareness of the AORTA to change the world. We want you to be a part of that in 2021! 

The A.S.K. - Aortic Awareness Starter Kit creates a look for saving lives. Rep your gear and educate those who ASK about aortic dissection, aortic rupture, & aortic aneurysm​. 

What's included:

- 1 T-Shirt Black or White (S-3XL)
- 1 Large Decal Sticker
- 1 Small Decal Sticker

- 1 Set of 2 Wristbands
- 5 Postcards

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CAN/MEX - Color and Size


The first 50 orders will receive one of our commemorative Aortic Warriors Global Walk 2020 Mask.
Stay Safe. Look Good. Spread Awareness.

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