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Caregivers... You Are ALL HEROES!!!

Aortic Rupture and Aortic Dissection

comes to our lives like a violent rogue burglar bursting into our homes! No warning signs. Only devastation to clean up afterwards. But the people involved aren't just the survivors. It also has tremendous impact upon the love ones around the survivors, the CAREGIVERS! You are the ones to watch them go into surgery. You are the ones sitting in the waiting room, praying, pacing, making the calls, filling out paperwork, and digging your nails into your skin wondering why and how this happened. After surgery, you are the ones to bring the survivors home. You are the ones who care for the survivors. Some of you experienced frustrations, anger, resentment, temperament, and depression. Not just from yourselves, but from the survivors! 

If you feel alone in this battle, you are not alone!