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Survivors Page



AorticDissection.com - Myriads of info regarding Aortic Dissection. Great collection of stories. By Brian Tinsley.

AorticDissection.co.uk - Aortic Dissection social network in UK.

IRAD - International Register of Acute Aortic Dissections.

​JohnRitterFoundation.org - Promoting knowledge of Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection through research and education. By Amy Yasbeck.

Noaafoundation.org - National Organization for Aortic Awareness. By Robert Epps.

TADcoalition.org - Thoracic Aortic Disease


The Human Aorta - ​Your Super Highway of Life - By Robert Epps

​Barefoot in November - By Benjamin J Carey

​A Naughty Thing Called Life - By Edouard Spyk Gheur 

A New Life Awaits

A lot of thoughts and feelings are going through your mind right now, as it has been experienced by EVERY SINGLE SURVIVOR, and anyone who has been affected by Aortic Rupture and/or Aortic Dissection. If your first emotion is FEAR, you are not alone. If you are tormented with the question WHY, you are not alone. It is absolutely normal. When you meet other survivors and those who have been affected by this condition, you will learn that this IS the NEW NORMAL.