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Aortic Warriors Walk 2016

Join Aortic Warriors as we set out to change the world!  Visit and register as a Team Leader or Team Participant in your community, and/or Corporate Sponsor of our first annual, world debut of a 5K walk that's specifically designed to create the world's awareness of AORTA!  September is Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection Awareness Month!  Walk with us to create world-wide Aortic Awareness on September 18, 2016!

Aortic Warriors at Adler Paddler 2016

Aortic Warriors participated at the Adler Padder 2016 held in Long Beach, California.  Aortic Warriors was mentioned in the Long Beach Gazette on March 10, 2016 as an additional contact point for more information regarding aortic rupture and aortic dissection. 

Read the article here!

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Aortic Dissection Awareness Ribbon -
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On September 01, 2015, to commemorate September as Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection Month, Aortic Warriors launched the first Aortic Dissection Awareness Ribbon via our Facebook page. Numerous supporters across the world changed their profile picture to the Aortic Dissection Awareness Ribbon just during the month of September to bring awareness of this Silent Killer.  "To stop the Silent Killer, we must NOT be silent."  The color burgundy was chosen as a way to distinguish from a heart condition; although close to the heart, it is distinct from the heart.  Many have lost their lives due to misdiagnosis of a heart condition and a normal EKG.  The tribal design symbolizes family, and the sense of being a warrior, not just a survivor.  Anyone and everyone who joins our mission to get the word out is considered an Aortic Warrior.  We fight to get the word out.  We support those in need.  We pave the road where no one else has gone.  Please order your Aortic Dissection Awareness Ribbon decal via our SHOP link.

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